How to establish a remote connection using AnyDesk on your Windows/ Mac device?


AnyDesk is an app that allows the users to establish remote connection with other computers. You will not face any lagging issue while using the AnyDesk app because the latency rate of the app is very low. The AnyDesk app is used by thousands of professionals because it is considered as the fastest remote connection establisher. In this post, we will discuss how you can establish a remote connection using the AnyDesk app. First thing first, you have to download either AnyDesk app or AnyDesk alias app on your device for establishing a remote connection. 

How to establish a remote connection using the AnyDesk app?

When you open the AnyDesk app on your computer and you will see a pop-up of AnyDesk app saying please enter the address of the remote desk you would like to access. The computer that you want to control remotely should also have the AnyDesk app and it should be opened at that point of time too. Now follow the steps given below now to establish the remote connection. 

  1. Enter the address of AnyDesk app that your connection partner has and you can find it under the field under “Remote Desk”.
  2. After entering the address, click on “Connect”. 
  3. You might need to enter a password if your partner has enabled password protection. You will come to know about it because you will receive a prompt asking the password. Enter the password. 

After the password is confirmed by your session partner, your connection request will be accepted and a remote connection will be established. Once the remote connection is set up, a new tab will opened up and you would be able to see the remote desk on your desktop. When the AnyDesk window has been activated, you now have the permission to remotely control the computer. 

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