What are the view options available on AnyDesk?


AnyDesk is a popular app that is used by professional all around the globe to control and administer a remote computer. The remote connection which is established through AnyDesk is highly secure. In this post, we are going discuss the different view options which are available on AnyDesk. This app features three view option which are listed below. 

1. Fullscreen mode

The fullscreen mode on AnyDesk app allows the users to have a full screen view of the remote computer that they are controlling. In the full screen mode, you will be able to see only the share monitor. You can switch to the fullscreen mode by selecting the same from the upper edge menu on the screen. Similarly, you can cancel it by selecting ‘End fullscreen mode’ from the same menu for returning to your own desktop. 

2. Original mode

The original mode of AnyDesk app transmits the image in the same resolution as the one present in the remotely controlled computer. You can see the original image surrounded with a grey border. If the resolution of the remotely controlled computer is higher than that of your computer, the image will scroll when you move your mouse across the window. 

3. Shrink mode

You can use the Shrink mode when your Windows has a higher resolution in comparison to the remotely controlled computer. If the resolution of the remotely connected computer is low, the image size is also reduced to make it easier for the user. 

4. Auto-adapt resolution mode

The auto-adapt mode ensures that the image is adapted to your AnyDesk window in the optimal size possible. With this mode, you would be able to see all the details in the shared screen. If you monitor has a higher resolution in comparison to the remotely controlled computer, then the image will stretch. 

Depending upon the resolution of both the computer, you can choose any on the following modes present in the AnyDesk app.

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