Is it possible to transfer files via AnyDesk?


AnyDesk app allows the users to remotely control a computer. With the AnyDesk add, you can control and administer other computer. It is used by thousands of professionals who are in IT sector to provide their services. AnyDesk app establishes a highly secure and reliable connection. If you are using AnyDesk app, you can transfer files with the help of this app. In fact, you can transfer the file as easily as via clipboard. However, to copy files via the clipboard, it is important to ensure that in both the computer, the clipboard feature is working fine. Once you are sure of that fact, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Copy the file that you want to transfer. You can do that by marking the file and then pressing “Ctrl + C”
  2. Open the location in the other computer where you want to paste the file. 
  3. Paste the file in the desired location by clicking on “Ctrl + V”

When you transfer files via clipboard in the AnyDesk app, also make sure that the AnyDesk symbol is running in the iron tray. It is only when the AyDesk symbol is running in the iron tray, it becomes possible to use the clipboard for transferring files. All the activities that you carry out using the AnyDesk app is highly secure. If you want to download AnyDesk app, you have two options available to you. You can either go for the premium version or the free version of the app. The free version of AnyDesk can be used when you are using the software for personal use. If you want to use the app professionally, you will have to go for the premium version of the app. You always have the option to go for a trial period before your purchase the premium version

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