Permissions That Can Be Activated In AnyDesk


AnyDesk app is an app that allows the users to remotely control a computer. As a user, you have the permission to activate and deactivate the following permissions in AnyDesk. 

1. Allow sound

This option allows you to select whether you want your session partner to hear what you are hearing from your computer speaker or not. When you enable this option, your session partner can also hear whatever you are hearing. If you want to disable this option, just remove the check mark on this option. 

2. Allow control of keyboard and mouse

This option allows you to decide whether your session partner can access the mouse and keyboard of your computer or not. When you perform the input activities, the control of the mouse and keyboard is automatically locked for your session partner. You can unlock it whenever you want. If you want to input the data, it is recommended to disable this option for a smooth operation. 

3. Allow use of clipboard

This option allows you to decide whether your session partner can access the clipboard of your computer or not. When you allow the usage of clipboard, your session partner can directly copy files from your clipboard and then paste it on their computer as well as on yours. 

4. Allow disabling of keyboard and mouse

When you allow disabling of keyboard and mouse, you give your session partner the power to disable you from performing any input. This means that when you are blocked, you will not be able to access your keyboard and mouse for the blocked duration. 

Depending on your requirement, you can activate and deactivate any of the above mentioned permissions from your AnyDesk app. This activating and deactivating the options will make things easier for you to operate a remote computer smoothly. 

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