What are the basic requirements to download AnyDesk app?


The AnyDesk app requires certain configurations in order to run on the computer. However, this does not mean that the AnyDesk app won’t work if you do not have the proper specs. 

Your client’s computer should have the following requirement:

  1. 2GB RAM
  2. Dual core processor
  3. Graphic card: Direct Draw or Direct3D that has at least 32 GB memory. 

If your computer does not have the above mentioned requirements, we recommend you to run the AnyDesk app in full screen mode. 

If you are hosting the connection, then your computer should have the following requirement:

  1. Quad core or dual core processor. 
  2. 1 GB RAM: DDR3 or DDR2 RAM
  3. The Aero theme should be enable on Windows. 

The AnyDesk app is supported on the following platforms: Windows XP and above, MacOS, Linux and FreeBSD 2.1.1 and above. 

The AnyDesk app will work perfectly if the following configuration are found in both the computer. However, it will work find even if the above mentioned configurations are not available on the computer. The AnyDesk app will be soon available on mobile platforms like iPad and Android. 

Once you have downloaded AnyDesk app, just open the app and you can freely control and administer other computer remotely. The AnyDesk app establishes a highly secure connection and it ensures that you do not face any problem while using the app. The AnyDesk app is used by thousands of professional every day to provide the required service. It saves both time and money of the users. If you want to use AnyDesk app for personal work, you can do it for free. However, if you want to use the AnyDesk app for business purpose, you will have to buy one of the three premium plans of the AnyDesk app and you are good to go. 

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