Different AnyDesk App Pricing


The AnyDesk app allows the users to remotely control other computer. With the help of AnyDesk app, you can remotely control and administer other computer. One can use the AnyDesk app for free if you want to use it for personal reason. If you want to use AnyDesk app for business reasons, then you have to purchase one of the three premium packs available. The three packs which are available for AnyDesk premium packs are Lite, Professional and Enterprise

The Lite AnyDesk app is for small business and freelancers. The facilities which are available for the lite version are free updates to the latest version, commercial use, one seat, one simultaneous seat, AnyDesk Android and iPhone Apps, transmission of audio and video, file transfer and custom alias. 

The Professional AnyDesk app is ideal for the people who own medium-seized business. The professional AnyDesk app version provides the following features to the users: free updates to the latest version, commercial use, the quantity of seats is unlimited, AnyDeskk Android and iPhone apps, transmission of audio and video, file transfer, address box. The added features of the app are session logging, REST interface, admin features and custom clients. 

The Enterprise AnyDesk app version are meant for large organizations that need tailored solutions. The notable features of the Enterprise AnyDesk app are commercial use, unlimited seats, configurable amount of sessions, customizable alias, address book, power use option, on-premise appliance and unlimited own namespace. 

On basis of your requirement, you can choose any of the above mentioned professional AnyDesk version. Once you have the AnyDesk app, you would be able to remotely control and administer other computers. With AnyDesk app, you get to save both your time and money. The AnyDesk app is perfect for the people who are into IT services. However, if you need to use the AnyDesk app for personal reason, then just for the free version of the app. 

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