Know The Full Potential Of AnyDesk Address Book


AnyDesk app comes with an address book that allows the users to have all the computers that they operate in just one location. This makes it very convenient for the users to access and operate all the computer easily. The app has a tagging system that allows you to add tags with other address. You can also create groups on AnyDesk app and the address book also allow you to access a remote computer directly from the address box. You can also add a computer of your choice as favorites on the AnyDesk app. The address book of AnyDesk app can be synchronized across all the device if you are a premium user of AnyDesk app. 

How to add a computer on the address book of AnyDesk?

You can add a computer of your choice in the address book of AnyDesk app by entering its AnyDesk ID. Once you have added the computer in the list, double click on it to start the remote connection. 

You can also add a tag of your choice for the computer and on basis of the added tags, it becomes very easy to filter the list of the computers. You can also view the online status of your friends. If someone is online on the AnyDesk app, then you would see a green button across their computer name. 

Another advantage of the address book of AnyDesk is that you can take your list with you. As long as you have the professional license, you can access the list. AnyDesk is an app that help you to control a computer remotely. The connection which is established through the AnyDesk app is highly secure. The app can be used for free if you want to use it for the personal reason and one can download premium version for the professional reason. 

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