Handling AnyDesk App Is Easy With The Context Menu


AnyDesk app is an app that allows you to remotely control other computer. The AnyDesk app allows you to establish a highly secure connection. The security used by the AnyDesk app for establishing this connection is the one used in the banks. If you are someone who works in the IT sector who needs to provide computer services every now and then, you should try using the AnyDesk app. 

The context menu of the AnyDesk app makes it extremely easy for the users to establish and control the remote computer. Here are the components of the Context menu of the app. 

1. Connect: You can use this option for establishing a direct connection with a remote computer. 

2. Remove: This option allows you to remove a remote computer or contact from the quick dial. 

3. Place on desktop: When you choose this option, a shortcut is created with the AnyDesk name of the contact. You can then rename the contact which has been created and you can also move it to some other folder. 

4. Rename: The Anydesk address appear as the name of the contact by the default. But you can give the contact a new name with the help of the rename option. 

5. Add to favorites: With this option, you can add contacts to the favorit list. 

6. Add to address book: With this option you can add contacts to the address book of AnyDesk. 

With the AnyDesk app, controlling and administering a remote computer becomes extremely easy. If you want to use the AnyDesk app for personal usage, you can use it for free. If you want to use the AnyDesk app for professional reason, you will have to buy the premium version of the app. The app provides you with three package. You can choose the package that best fits your requirement. 

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