Manage Everything Easily With Address Book Of AnyDesk


The AnyDesk app is a highly popular app that allows the users to remotely connect with other computer. With the AnyDesk app, you can easily control and administer a remote computer. The connection which is established through the AnyDesk app is highly secure. You can use the AnyDesk app both for free and in the premium version. The Professional and Enterprise license of the AnyDesk app comes with the address book features. 

Address Book Of AnyDesk

The address book of the AnyDesk app allow the users to easily manage all the contacts. It allows you to connect with your clients with just a click. All your contacts are automatically synchronized on your AnyDesk app. Here are the different components of the AnyDesk app. 

1. Address List: You can see all your contacts on the AnyDesk app. The address list allow you to check their background image and their name. Basically, it has a list of all your contact. 

2. Online Status Bar: The green dot along the name of the contact shows that the users are online. If the contact name has a red dot, it means the user is offline. And if you see a gray dot along with the name of the contact, it means that the online status of the user is unknown. 

3. Speed Dial Feature: This feature allows you to connect with a user instantly. Just double tap on the contact and a connection will be established. 

4. Tags: You can use tags to further categorize your contact. You can use multiple tags for a single contact. 

5. Reset all filters: The reset all filters allow you to go to the default setting of all the filters. 

If you are a premium user of the AnyDesk app, you can use the address book to easily manage all your contact. 

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