Know Everything On The “Actions” Menu Of AnyDesk


AnyDesk is an app which allows the users to control any computer of their choice remotely. The AnyDesk app is used by thousands of professionals for controlling and administering other computer remotely. Today, we will focus on the “Actions” menu of AnyDesk. The Actions menu of AnyDesk app allows the users to perform different kinds of actions during a particular session. Here’s what you will find in this menu. 

1. Request Elevation

Through this option, you can request different administrative rights if you have not been granted any rights. This options allows you to control and administer a remote control in a more advanced level. 

2. Switch Sides

This option reverses the access direction of AnyDesk. With this option, even your session partner will be able to see your computer screen and if granted permission would be able to control it. 

3. Ctrl + Alt + Del

If you press these keys together, the command will allow you to execute on any your own desk. You can use this function regardless of the fact whether the AnyDesk window is enabled or not. 

4. Take Screenshot

This option allows you to take a screenshot and save the picture in the .png format.

5. Show System Info 

This option shows the system information of your AnyDesk client. The information which are provided are AnyDesk ID, license, operating system, username, computer name, total RAM username, CPU, motherboard, hard disk, graphic card, IP address, network name, DNS server and network mask. 

6. Restart Remote Computer

This option allows the users to restart a remote computer. After the restart has taken place, the session will automatically resume. 

You can use all these option during an active AnyDesk session on the computer. The AnyDesk can also be used for free if you are using it for personal reason. 

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