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The AnyDesk app is an app which is loved by the professionals from all over the world. You can use the AnyDesk app for remotely connecting to any other remote device. The AnyDesk app allows you to remotely control and administer computer. In this post, we will check the keyword layout mode on the AnyDesk app. The Keyword Layout menu has all the necessary settings which will allow you to control and administer other computer

1. Translate

Everything that you enter using the translate option on the keyword layout menu, then all the entries got translated as per the same key commands. You might have a bit of difficulty in knowing about this option and let me explain you in this better manner. The X and Y are located in different positions in the US keyboard and German keyboard. With the translate option, when you type ‘Y’ in the US keyboard, Y will be written even the German keyboard. 

2. Map 1:1

Using this option all the entries that you make will be transmitted as if you were pressing the actual physical key on the keyboard of remote personal computer. Let me explain this you in a better manner. If you press Y on a US keyboard, you will get Z as the output in the German keyboard. This setting comes especially handy when you have to control any program on the remote computer. 

3. Auto 

AnyDesk automatically decides which of the above mention modes should be used. If the keyboard layout is the same, the Map 1:1 is chosen by default and the keyboard differs from the remote computer, the translate option will be selected. You can manually choose any of the keyword layout on basis of your requirement. 

You can try the AnyDesk app for free if you are planning to use the app for personal reason. 

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