Know About Menu And Symbol Bar On MacOS


AnyDesk app is a software which allows the users to establish a remote connection with other computer. The remote connection which is established through AnyDesk is highly secure. In this post, we will focus on the menu and symbol bar on MacOS. 

1. Speech Bubble

You can tap on the speech bubble to grab more information about the active session on the AnyDesk. 

2. Hourglass

The hourglass lights p when the amount of the image data shared during the transmission is more than the recommended the allows capacity. The AnyDesk app doesn’t currently run at 60 frames per seconds. Yu will not be able to carry out any kind of input when the hourglass is lit. 

3. Lock

When you tap on the lock, you will get more information about the encryption which has been used during the connection. 

4. Monitor

The monitor symbol indicates that a direct connection is being shared between the computer. With the monitor option the data is transmitted from one computer to another without going through the AnyDesk server. When both the computers are on the same network the monitor option is active. 

5. Menu 

In MacOS, all of the options are sometimes consolidated in a single menu. The different options which are available on the menu bar are enter full screen, original, shrink, stretch, auto-adapt resolution, best audio/video quality, balance, optimize reaction time, detect connection speed, map 1:1, translate, create auto, show remote cursor, control mouse and computer, synchronize clipboard, block user’s input, request elevation, take screenshot, settings, help, about AnyDesk and exit. 

Now that you know about the menu and symbol bar on MacOS, you will be able to operate AnyDesk on MacOS easily. If you want to use the AnyDesk app for personal use, you can try it for free. If you are planning to use it for professional things, you will have buy the premium version. 

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