Know About The Privacy Tab On AnyDesk App


AnyDesk is an app which allows the users to connect one computer to another with the help of a remote connection. The security level of the AnyDesk app is the one which is used in the bank. The AnyDesk app allows the users to establish a highly secure remote connection. You would be able to see the following options in the privacy tab. 

1. Username 

The username of the AnyDesk user is displayed in the connection window in addition to the AnyDesk address. You can freely select the AnyDesk username. You can also set your first name and the last name as your username. If you do not select any username, the username of the account will be used. 

2. User Image

The user image of the account is used in the connection window. You can select whether you would like to display your Windows account image by default as the user image. Or you can also upload any image of your own manually. You can also choose to hide the user image. 

3. Desk Preview

When you launch the AnyDesk app, the quick dial of the app appears. The preview images will be displayed on the quick dial of the AnyDesk app. You have the option of selecting between the current account’s desktop wallpaper and a screenshot of the remote desk. 

4. Screenshot Path 

This option allows you to set the path where the screenshot taken by you will be saved. 

The AnyDesk app is a remote desktop software that actually works. The AnyDesk app also supports online collaboration and built-in file transfer. The AnyDesk app is a very light-weight app. You can also record your sessions on the AnyDesk app. The AnyDesk app uses TLS 1.2 technology to avoid unauthorized access. 

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