What Will You Find In The Display Tab Of AnyDesk?


AnyDesk is an app which allows the users to remotely control and administer any computer through a secure network. Thousands of professionals from around the world use the AnyDesk app for remotely controlling a computer. Today in this post, we will talk about the display tab of AnyDesk. You will find the following items in the display tab of AnyDesk:

1. Quality

By default, the quality is chosen as “Balance between quality and reaction time.” With this default setting, the delay between the input and the display might be a bit noticeable but overall it is satisfactory. If you do not want to delay the reaction, then you can choose the option “Best audio and video quality”. If you have a slow internet connection, this option might result into the delay of the image transmission. If you want to transfer the commands quickly between the two computer, choose the ‘Best Reaction Time’ option. 

2. Visual Helper

When you choose the “Show Remote Cursor” option, you will be able to see two mouse cursors. One of yours and the other of the remote computer. This particularly is very helpful when it comes to remove confusion.

3. View Mode

The view mode allows you to choose the way you want the remote desk to be displayed on your computer. The four options which are available here are original size, optimize monitor usage, optimize display and start new sessions in fullscreen mode. 

4. Hardware Acceleration 

This options allows you to change the settings to start hardware acceleration mode. You can also disable hardware acceleration from here. 

5. Individual Settings

This options allows you to toggle between the custom settings that you have chosen with the default settings of AnyDesk app. 

Now that you know about the display tab of AnyDesk, it would be helpful for you to control the various aspects of the software. 

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