Know About The Menu and Symbol Bar Of AnyDesk On MacOS


AnyDesk is a software which allows the users to remotely connect with other computer and that too in a secure manner. the AnyDesk app is used by thousands of professionals from all around the world. However, you can use the AnyDesk app for free if you want to use it for personal use. Today, in this post we will talk about the meu and the symbol bar of AnyDesk on MacOS. You will find the following elements in the menu and the symbol bar:

1. Speech Bubble 

When you click on the speech bubble you get access to a window which has all the information about the active session. 

2. Hourglass

When the image transmission takes place in the active connection beyond the prescribed limit, the hourglass tab lit up. This means that you will not be able to make further image transmission or other input on the active connection. 

3. Lock 

The lock tab provides you the users about the encryption information used in the connection. 

4. Monitor

The monitor symbol indicates that there is a direct connection between two computer. It means that data is being transmitted from one computer to another without the use of the AnyDesk server. When both the computers share the same network, a direct connection is established between the two. 

5. Menu

All the above listed components along with some other extra features is clubbed together in a single menu which makes accessibility to all the features very easy. 

The AnyDesk app is one of the fastest remote controlling software. The latency rate of the AnyDesk is extremely low and you can have a hassle-free experience using the AnyDesk app. 

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