What are the quality options available on the AnyDesk app?


The AnyDesk app is a software which allows the users to connect to other computer remotely. The AnyDesk app establishes a highly secure connection between the two computer. The AnyDesk app is used by thousands of professions from across the globe for their business and services. In this post, we will talk about the quality options which are available on the AnyDesk app. 

1. Best audio/video quality 

This is the best quality mode which is available on the AnyDesk app. It is tried that the transmitted image is as close as to the original image as possible. It also means that you will be able to see all the tiny details which is shared on the same setting. However, please note that if you have a slow internet connection, you might face transmission delays. 

2. Balanced

The balanced quality maintains a balance between the image quality and transmission speed. 

3. Optimized Reaction Time

This quality options ensures that the input that you are receiving is processed as soon as possible. If your computer is running in a low-bandwidth internet connect, the image quality might get affected a bit. 

4. Detect Connection Speed

When you choose this option, the AnyDesk app detects the speed of the internet on which your computer is running. And then depending upon your internet speed, the transmission quality of the image is decided. Generally, you should enable this option to get the best option which is available for you. 

Please note that, in a low quality option, only the colours will get affected. The image will remain clear. Now that you know all the four quality options which are available on AnyDesk, it’s time for you to decide the quality which works for you. AnyDesk app personally recommend you to choose “Detect Connection Speed” option. 

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