What Are The Standard Permissions of Remote Users On AnyDesk?


The AnyDesk app is one of the most trusted remote controlling app. The AnyDesk app allows the users to establish a remote connection with other computer through a highly secure connection. The AnyDesk app is used by thousands of professionals for the same. In this post, e will discuss the standard permissions of remote users. These permissions are granted to the remote user by default. 

1.  Hear my computer’s sound output

This options allows you to select whether you want your partner to hear sound from your desk or computer speakers. If enabled, your partner will be able to hear the sounds too. 

2. Control my computer’s keyboard and mouse

This option allows your partner to control the keyboard and mouse of the desktop during a particular session. 

3. Access my computer’s clipboard

This option allows your session partner to access the clipboard of your computer. When this option is enabled, your session partner can directly copy files or texts from your computer to theirs and vice versa. 

4. Lock my computer’s keyboard and mouse

When this option is enabled, your session partner has the power to block you from putting any kind of input. During this time, you won’t be able to control the mouse and keyboard and also you will not be able to end the AnyDesk session. 

5. Restart my computer

This option will allow your session partner to restart the computer.

These are the standard permissions of remote users on the AnyDesk app. Depending upon your requirements, you can enable or disable any of these permissions.  

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