How to control your privacy on AnyDesk app?


The AnyDesk app is an app which allows the users to remotely control and administer any computer around the world with a highly secure connection. In this post, we will discuss the privacy options which are available on the AnyDesk. You can control the privacy of your devices from the privacy tab of the AnyDesk app. 

Check the Privacy Tap of AnyDesk

You will find the following options on the privacy tab of AnyDesk app:

1. Username: The username is displayed along with the AnyDesk address when a connection is established with the remote computer. You can freely select your username and you can also set the first and the last name. If you do not want to enter a user name, by default, your account username will be chosen as the username. 

2. User Image: In the connection window, the user name is also displayed. You can upload your own customized username here or you can go with the default user image which is the Windows account image. You can also choose to hide the user image. 

3. Desk Preview: A quick dial appears as soon as the AnyDesk app is launched. One can see all the preview image on the desk preview of the quick dial. You can select your customized desk preview or again you can go with the default account’s desktop wallpaper as the desk preview. 

4. Screenshot Path: This option allows you to set the path that will be used for screenshots. 

If you are using AnyDesk on your Mac, you will be able to view all the privacy options which are listed above except for desk preview and screenshot path. It should be noted the available privacy options which are available on the Mac device are enough to protect your privacy on the AnyDesk app. 

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