Check The Context Menu Of AnyDesk App


AnyDesk app is remote desktop software which allows the users to connect one computer with another and that too remotely. AnyDesk is especially designed to meet the needs of the IT professionals. You can download the AnyDesk app for free for personal use and you will have to buy the software if you are looking forward to using it for business. In this post, we will discuss the context menu which are present on the AnyDesk. 

Options Available On Context Menu

You will find the following options on the context menu:

1. Connect

You can use this option for establishing a direct connection. 

2. Remove

This option allows the users to remove a contact from the quick dial. 

3. Place on Desktop

This option allows the users to create a shortcut on the AnyDesk name of your contact. The shortcut that you have created can be renamed. You can also move to the contact to different folder on this app. The option also allows the users to create folders for each client and feel free to organize all the contacts which are present on AnyDesk app. 

4. Rename 

By default, the AnyDesk app will be used as the name address. You can choose the own name by renaming the contact. 

5. Add to Favorites

This option allows the users to add the contact to the favorite list. 

6. Add to Address Book

This option allows the users to add contacts on the address book present on the AnyDesk app. 

Now that you know what the various options of the AnyDesk app context menu do, feel free to use the options available to meet all your requirement. The AnyDesk app is as the fastest remote connecting software. With the options available, you can customize everything according to your wish. 

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