Overview of AnyDesk Address Book


You surely must have used the AnyDesk app every now and then for remotely controlling and administering a computer. If you want to learn more about the features of AnyDesk app, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will discuss the address book of the AnyDesk app. It is at the address book, that one manages all the contacts of the AnyDesk app. The address book of AnyDesk is filled with few important features, let us have a look at them. 

1. Address List: This is where all your AnyDesk contact will appear. Also, along with their names, you will be able to see their background image and the name on the address book. 

2. Online Status Display 

The online display status will tell us whether someone is online or not. If someone is online AnyDesk, the green dot will appear in front of the name. And if someone is offline, a red dot will be present in front of their name. If the online status of a person is not known, a grey dot will appear on the screen. 

3. Speed Dial Feature 

All the address name which have green dots present in front of them are online. And they can use the speed dial feature for accessing these features. You can just double tap on the contact present on the speed dial and this will establish a successful connection. 

4. Reset All Features

Clicking on these features, all the features will go back to the default setting. 

Now that you know about these features of address box, it will be easier to access all the features of the address box of AnyDesk app. The AnyDesk is a must-have app that allows the users to remotely control any computer of your choice. 

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