How to Fix Forbidden Symbol of Cursor on AnyDesk app?


The AnyDesk app is a popular app which is used by thousands of professionals from all around the globe to remotely control and administer a computer. You can use the AnyDesk app for eliminating the need of physically being present near a computer for controlling it. Today, in this post we are going to have a look at the forbidden symbol of cursor on the AnyDesk app. 

Please note that this problem is an occasional problem where the cursor displays a forbidden symbol during transmission. This will prevent the users from controlling the remote computer till the forbidden symbol is present. 

This problem might arise because of one of the following reasons. 

  1. Missing permission: You do not have the permission to remotely control the selected application. In such a case, you need to ask your client to give you the permission for controlling the application.
  2. The remote user have moved the mouse and as result of that, you will be not able to control the mouse for a short period. 
  3. Connection Window: You are unable to change the options in the connection window of the remote desk. 

Now that you know the possible causes of the forbidden symbol of the cursor on the AnyDesk app, it will be easier for you to fix it. If you are facing this problem, it will be advised for you to contact your client and know if they have given you the proper permission and whether they have used the mouse or not. That is the fix for the forbidden symbol of cursor on the AnyDesk app. 

The AnyDesk app can be used for free if someone wants to use it for personal reasons. However, if you are looking forward it for business purpose, you will have to buy one of the premium version of the app. 

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