Different View Options On AnyDesk


AnyDesk app allows the users to remotely connect with any computer with a highly secure connection. Thousands of professional use the AnyDesk app to provide their services. In this post, we will focus on the view options which are available on AnyDesk

1. Full Screen Mode

The full screen mode allows the users only to watch the shared monitor on their desktop. You can access the full screen mode from the menu section. In case, you want to end the full screen mode to operate your own desktop, you will have to select “Leave Fullscreen Mode”. 

2. Original 

The original mode displays the transmitted image in the same resolution which is present on the remotely controlled desk. However, if the remote computer has a resolution which is higher than the resolution of your computer, the entire image will not be show and you have to scroll down the window to view the comlete image. 

3. Shrink 

If the resolution of your computer is higher than the resolution of the remotely controlled computer, the image will be displayed along with gray border. And also the image size will be lowered to ensure it can be completely covered on the AnyDesk window. 

4. Auto-adapt Resolution 

If you are confused about the mode that you should be selecting, you can simply go for the auto-adapt resolution mode. It ensures that the image is viewed on your screen at an optimal level. In this mode, if the resolution of your computer is higher than the remote desktop, the image will be stretched. However, if that is not the case, this mode will operate as the shrink mode. 

On basis of your requirement, you can select any one of the four viewing mode on the AnyDesk software. If you haven’t tried the app for now, you can try it for free but for personal use only. 

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