AnyDesk v5.0 is Here!


The AnyDesk app is an app which allows the users to remotely control other computer. Recently, the version 5 of AnyDesk was launched. In this post, we will discuss what’s new in AnyDesk v5.0. 

1. Performance

The AnyDevk version 5 compresses and then transfers image data from one computer to another. There is no other remote software app that currently does that. And even if the bandwidth is as low as 100 kB/sec, the app will work smoothly. Hence, if you have poor internet connectivity, you can use the AnyDesk app for remotely controlling other computer. 

2. Security

The new security which is now used by AnyDesk v5.0 is banking standard TLS 1.2 technology that protects your computer from any kind of unauthorized access. Also, in order to verify all the connection, it uses RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange. 

3. Flexibility 

Just like before, you are completely free to use the AnyDesk v5 from anywhere that you want. The app is supported by multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS

4. Administration

The AnyDesk v5.0 helps you to keep track of all your connections and contacts. You can give your very personalized username. The MSI package can be used for rolling out the AnyDesk app anywhere that want which means you can use the app in multiple devices. 

5. Licensing

A single AnyDesk app will cover even all the future versions of the apps. Also, you do not need to pay anything extra for the updates. 

Other version 5 features include new user interface, remote printing, new addressbook, auto-discovery, high frame rates, low latency, efficient bandwidth use, highly innovative technology, quickstart, fail-safe Erlang network, on-screen white board, remote control for Android. You can download the AnyDesk app now and no signup is required to use the app.

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