Remote Access Solution in Version 5 of AnyDesk


AnyDesk software which is a technology leader when it comes to remote access software has finally launched a newer version which is more affordable and faster remote access solution on the market. The AnyDesk 5.0 has many new features and upgrades and this also includes a new user interface which make working with this software an easier task. 

For creating version 5 of the AnyDesk, it has taken into consideration the feedbacks that it has received from its users. Now an auto-add function is available for the address book which makes the process of expanding a contact list an easier task. The remote printing feature has been added along with the auto-discovery functionality that allows the users to detect if any other AnyDesk users are present in the local network. The AnyDesk version 5 now supports an on-screen white board which also allows the users to communicate real-time with the help of graphic elements.

Also the licensing policy of the AnyDesk app has been updated and it will be now easier for the business to go for a model which is fit for them. The three different models which are available includes Lite, Professional and Power. The Lite version is suitable for small business and freelancer, the Professional version is for the customers that need to use multiple devices for connecting to the end point and finally, the Power plan is for larger business. 

With the release of AnyDesk 5.0, the application has strengthened its position in the market for being the fastest, lightest and the most affordable remote desktop solution which is available. Also, a smoother and effective user experience is guaranteed by AnyDeskk 5.0. 

AnyDesk was first launched in 2015 and it has more than 100 million users all across the globe. It is one of the fastest growing business in Germany. 

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