What’s New in AnyDesk Version 5?


After a lot of intense research and feedback from the users, the makers of AnyDesk has come up with a new version of AnyDesk that provides the users with an optimal experience. The AnyDesk app has improved a lot by taking plenty of consideration in improving the previously existed features and by creating new features. Let us now have a look at all the new features of AnyDesk version 5.

1. A brand new interface

As soon as you open the new version of AnyDesk 5, you will notice a change in the interface. Previously, the app has a static design but that is no longer the case. You can now customize everything on basis of your requirement. 

2. Auto-Discovery

When two devices are on the same network, they will be able to discover each other. For that, you do not need to be connected or remain in their address book. This auto-discovery feature will let you know if anyone in the same network is using the AnyDesk app. 

3. New Address Book

The new address book is lot cleaner than the previous one. You can now organize your address book by a simple drag and drop feature. 

4. Auto Add to Address Book

When people are custom clients of the same network, the address book will automatically add them to each other address book. 

5. Custom Clients Password

Remember the password that you assigned to your device while installing AnyDesk? One can now use the same password to connect to each other. This makes the entire process a lot more hassle-free. 

6. Onscreen Whiteboard

You can now have a proper team management with the AnyDesk app. The AnyDesk app now supports an onscreen whiteboard where you can instruct your teammates. 

Are you now excited to try the newer version of AnyDesk?

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