What are the features available in AnyDesk v5 Lite?


AnyDesk v5 is an app which an app which allows the users to connect to other computer remotely. It has three types of premium plans and today, we are going to discuss one of these plans. Today, our focus will be on LitePlan of AnyDesk v5. 

The AnyDesk v5 app is the version of AnyDesk that is designed for small business and freelancers. It supports one session, one device and unlimited endpoints. Let us now have a look at the features which are available on AnyDesk v5 Lite. 

1. Free updated to the latest version: You will be able to update your app with the latest version automatically. 

2. Compatibility to Older AnyDesk Version: You can use it with the older version of AnyDesk too. 

3. Commercial Use: You can use the AnyDesk app for commercial purpose. 

4. Unlimited Endpoints

5. Mobile to PC Remote Control

6. PC to Android Remote Access

7. Transmission of Audio and Video: Along with the transfer of the normal data, you can also transmit audio and video using this app. 

8. File Transfer: You can transfer files from one computer to another easily using the AnyDesk app. 

9. Remote Printing: You can give printing command to a remotely connected printer using the AnyDesk v5 Lite version. 

10. On-Screen White Board: You can manage your team using the newly added on-screen white board which can be used for explaining things to the users. 

11. Auto-Discover: This feature will let you know when someone who is in the same network and uses AnyDesk. 

The AnyDesk v5 Lite version will cost you $10.00 per month excluding the VAT. The AnyDeskapp is the perfect app for remotely controlling any computer as per your wish. 

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