What ae the features available in AnyDesk v5 Professional?


AnyDesk v5 Professional is the most popular package of AnyDesk which is used by the users from all around the world. The AnyDesk v5 Professional is ideal for medium-sized businesses with volume needs. 

It has all the basic features of Lite which are free updates to the latest version, compatibility to older AnyDesk versions, unlimited endpoints, mobile to PC remote control, PC to Android Remote Access, the transmission of audio and video, file transfer, on-screen whiteboard and auto-discovery. It can be of course used for commercial purpose. 

Apart from that, AnyDesk v5 Professional also supports Address Book which allows the users to add contacts on the Address Book. You can have connected to unlimited devices using AnyDesk v5 Professional.  You can also have access to Custom Alias that allows the users to swap the AnyDesk number for a personalized username or an e-mail ID. This will allow you to use the AnyDesk v5 Professional account with your brand identity. This further ensures that your customers get a consistent brand experience especially when they will be able to see the logo of your company on AnyDesk. You can also do session logging with AnyDesk v5 Professional. This features comes handy when you have to give someone the invoice for the services provided using the AnyDesk app. The AnyDesk v5 Professional app also supports REST interface that allows the users to integrate the AnyDesk session log into your company’s own IT systems by developing using the REST API. Other additional features include admin feature, custom client and unlimited sessions. The base package of AnyDesk v5 Professional includes one device and one session. The AnyDesk v5 Professional will cost the users an amount of $20.99 per month excluding the VAT.

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