What’s New In AnyDesk v5.0?


The AnyDesk v5.0 app is a software which allows the users to control and administer other computer remotely. The AnyDesk app has recently launched a new version which is v5.0. In this post, we will check the latest features of AnyDesk v5.0. 

1. Remote Printing 

The app allows you to print remotely when a printer is connected. All you need to do is drop a command on the AnyDesk app. 

2. Onscreen White Board 

The AnyDesk v5.0 app has now made it easier. To manage the team. The AnyDesk v5.0 app now promotes the team work with the help of onscreen white board. The onscreen white board allows the users to sketch and write on an online white board. 

3. New Address Book 

The AnyDesk v5.0 app now automatically adds contact on the address book and synch everything. Plus, if the users are the custom clients of the same network, the contacts are automatically added to each other address book. 

4. Auto Discovery 

The new AnyDesk v5.0 app discovers all the AnyDesk users who are present in the same network area. The auto-discovery feature allows the users to automatically discover the people in the same network. 

5. A New Interface

The AnyDesk v5.0 app has a new user-interface. Instead of a static design, the AnyDesk v5.0 app has a dynamic design. The app can now be customized according to the preference of the users.

Another added feature on the AnyDesk v5.0 app is the Custom Clients Password. This feature now allows the users to connect with each other just using the password. If you haven’t tried the newer version of AnyDesk v5.0 app, it’s time for you to try the app. You can use the AnyDesk v5.0 app for free if you want to use the app for personal usage. 

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