AnyDesk COO Urges Users Not To Grant Access To Strangers


AnyDesk is a German startup. The AnyDesk app allows the users to remotely control and administer computers. Recently, AnyDesk app has found itself in the middle of the controversies. RBI has recently passed a circular stating that fraudsters uses the remote desktop solutions for hacking. In an interview conducted, Muller has cleared the doubts related to the AnyDesk app. It should be noted that AnyDesk app is a secure and trusted app that is used by more than millions of users and companies from all around the globe. It allows the IT experts to provide remote solution. It uses the TLS 1.2 technology to create a secure network. It is in fact the same technology which is used by the bank for providing the security. And along with that it uses RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange to ensure that all the connections are verified. 

However, fraudsters have started exploiting remote desktop application or accessing the mobile device of the users. But it should be noted that such hacking can only be done if the users themselves grant the access to their device. It is similar to sharing the details of your credit card with a stranger. The AnyDesk app is secure but you need to ensure that you do not grant access to the app to any stranger. 

The COO has urged the users to be vigilant about the access codes. He has further said that even if new password and ID is provided for every session, it becomes meaningless if the information of the same is shared with the users. It is therefore important that you do not share the access code provided by the AnyDesk app. In order to tighten the security, an extra communication measure is now taken by the AnyDesk app where a security message is displayed for the first incoming session. 

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