How To Remotely Access A Computer Using AnyDesk App?


Many a time our co-worker or our friend faces a problem in our device and they seek our help but we are in the other side of the world. In such a scenario, a remote desktop app like AnyDesk app comes into the picture. Remote access software comes very handy in the professional environment where you are providing the IT services. 

The AnyDesk app offers the users with remote access solution. You can install the AnyDesk app within a minute. Today we will talk about you can use the AnyDesk app on your desktop. The AnyDesk app can be used for free if you are using it for private use. You also do not need to sign up for using the AnyDesk app. You can simply download the AnyDesk app and start using it. The user with which you want to connect should also have the AnyDesk app. 

When you open the AnyDesk app, you see your personal ID on the left side. You have to share your personal ID with your friend with whom you want to build the remote connection. Once you have got the permission, you can start accessing their computer. You have to also ask for their personal ID and send a request for it. You can also set up password for unattended access and this will even allow you to play playlists from your home computer even in your office. If you get a professional license for using AnyDesk, things become very easy to manage. For instance, you can easily connect with anyone in your Address Book. Few basic tools that have been introduced in the basic version of the AnyDesk are chat, whiteboard, switch sides, bloc user input and other options and settings. 

It’s time for you to try the basic version of AnyDesk and let us know if you liked it. 

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