Know About The Power Pack of AnyDesk


The Power pack of the AnyDesk app is meant for the organizations that need more concurrent sessions. The AnyDesk app allows the users to remotely control any computer. The commercial pack of the AnyDesk app allows one to use the app for commercial use. The Power Pack of the AnyDesk app supports unlimited endpoints, remote printing, file transfer and mobile to PC Remote Control. 

The Power pack of the AnyDesk app allows you to even use on-white white board. This feature comes very handy when you need to manage your team online. The power pack app also supports auto-discovery. This feature allows you to find other AnyDesk users who are sharing the same network. 

The AnyDesk Power features also support address book. You can add your clients on the address book. 

The AnyDesk Power app also supports sessions logging. The servers of the AnyDesk app log the time, date, duration and attendees of all the AnyDesk app. You can ten chick this information on the web page and you can use this information for creating the invoice for your services. 

The Power pack of the AnyDesk app also supports custom clients where you can configure the AnyDesk program files. This feature enables you to use the logo of the company and disable incoming or outgoing session of your choice. 

The Power pack supports unlimited number of devices and sessions. And the number of active devices which can be supported by the power pack of AnyDesk app is three. 

If you are using the AnyDesk app for the first time, you can try the free version of the app. The free version of the AnyDesk app is available for the private use and is not available for the commercial use. And then depending upon your requirement, you can use any of the three packs available in the AnyDesk app. 

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