Know All About Address Book of AnyDesk


The address book of the AnyDesk app allows you to manage all the contacts. All the clients who share the same license also share the same address book. Managing and filtering content on the Address book is possible by adding creative tags to the contacts. These features are available for the users who have either bought the Professional or the Power license of the AnyDesk app.  

How to create and manage the Address Book?

  1. Go to the upper left corner of the screen and open the Address Book menu. 
  2. You can now use the Default Address Book or click on the “Create new Address Book” option. 
  3. Click on the “Manage Address Boks” to manage an existing address book. 

How to organize Address Book?

You can organize the Address book of the AnyDesk app by editing, tagging and view. The editing option in the Address Book allows you to edit individual name on a contact. Also, multi selection option is available along with drag and drop feature. You can also create group contacts on the Address Book with the help of tags and sub tags. You can then search contacts on basis of the tags and sub tags that you have created. You also have the options of applying filters. 

The AnyDesk app supports three kind of views:

  1. Tiles
  2. Small-tiles
  3. List-views

The thumbnail of your contact is the wallpaper of the desktop. 

You also have the option of swapping the entries between two address books. You can simply select and copy of the contacts from one address book to another. 

The AnyDesk app is a software that allows the users to connect with other computer remotely. You can use the AnyDesk app for free if you want to use it for private usage. 

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