What Features You Can Expect From AnyDesk v5?


AnyDesk is a remote controlling app that allows the users to connect with other computer remotely. The AnyDesk v5 the latest version of AnyDesk v5. Let us discuss the features of AnyDesk v5. 

1. Performance

The AnyDesk provides the users with a very smooth performance. The AnyDesk v5 app has hardly any lagging issue. If you have poor internet connectivity, even then the AnyDesk v5 app will perform very smoothly and you will not face any kind of problem while working on the app. 

2. Security 

The AnyDesk v5 app is secured with TLS 1.2 technology and it protects the computer from any kind of unauthorized access. All the connections n AnyDesk v5 are verified with the help of RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange. For establishing a secure connection, the remote computer will be needing the connection. 

3. Flexibility 

The AnyDesk v5 app allows the users to work from anywhere you want. The AnyDesk v5 app can be used on multiple platforms Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS, iOS FreeBSD and Android. 

4. Administration 

You can keep a records of all the connections and contacts with the address book which comes with the AnyDesk v5 app. The AnyDesk v5 app comes with a personalized username and you can even add your very own logos for creating your brand identity. 

5. Licensing 

The AnyDesk app allows the users to get license if they buy a premium version. All the program version are compatible with each other. 

You can use the AnyDesk v5 app for free if you want to use it for private usage. The AnyDesk v5 app however comes with three premium versions. You can go for the premium version of the AnyDesk v5 app is you want to use it for commercial purpose. If you want to use AnyDesk v5 app, it’s time for you to try the app for free. 

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