What Do You Need To Operate AnyDesk App On Your Computer?


AnyDesk app is a simple app which allows the users to remotely connect with other computer. Many IT companies rely on the AnyDesk app to provide remote services to their customers. If you are thinking of downloading the AnyDesk app on your computer, you first check whether your computer meets the basic requirement for running the app on it or not. The best part of AnyDesk app is that if your computer meets all the configuration requirement, it will run smoothly and if it doesn’t the AnyDesk app will work on your device. 

If you are hosting the AnyDesk app connection, then your computer should either have quad core or dual core processor. Secondly, it should have 1 GB RAM (DDR3 or DDR2 RAM). Thirdly, the aero theme should be enabled if you are running the app on a Windows platform. The requirements are pretty much the same for the computer running on MacOS, Linux and FreeBSD platforms. Now that we know what are configurations required in your computer, let us see the requirements of your client’s computer. 

The computer of your client should have 2GB RAM, dual core processor and a graphic card. That’s it. Most of the computer will have such basic requirements and it will never be a problem for you to smoothly run AnyDesk app on your computer. 

The AnyDesk app will work smoothly when the computer will meet these requirements. However, it will still be working if these requirements are missing. You can use the AnyDesk app for free if you want to use the app for non-commercial purpose. And if you are looking to use the app for commercial purpose, you will have to buy one of the three premium versions which are available depending upon your requirement. 

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