Administration Features of The AnyDesk App


The AnyDesk app is a highly popular app. Many users use the AnyDesk app to remote control computers and other devices. From freelancers to big IT companies, many people use the AnyDesk app for remotely controlling one device. The app is trusted by so many users because it creates a highly reliable connection to connect the two devices. Today, we will be talking about the administration features of the AnyDesk app. 

1. Manage Contacts

You can use the AnyDesk app for keeping a tract of all the contacts and connections. The in-built address book that comes with the AnyDesk app can be used for checking who is online and who is not. 

2. Online Administration Panel

The Administration panel of the AnyDesk app comes with session logs, licenses, automated invoicing options, settings and exports options. 

3. Detailed Session Reporting 

You will receive all the detailed session reporting on the AnyDesk app. This further creates auto invocing app. There is also an option for IT service management in the app. 

4. Customization 

You can personalized username to different contacts on the AnyDesk app. The app further provides the users with the option of adding logo. This feature can be used by anyone to create their brand identity. 

5. Remote Reboot

Now with the AnyDesk app, you can reboot a computer remotely. This is a recently added feature. 

6. Automated Roll Out

The MSI package of the AnyDesk app allows you to roll out the AnyDesk app on different multiple computers. You can also do the configuration as per your choice. You can script your own installation by using the command line interface of the app. 

If you are planning to use the AnyDesk app for private usage, you can use it for free, provided that it is for non-commercial purpose. 

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