“You’re probably the best player I’ve ever faced”, Liquid Scream replied to TenZ after KRU Esports Pulled one Under Sentinels at Valorant Champions 2021

In a recent Valorant Champions 2021, Sentinels lost to KRÜ Esports in a match that was supposed to cakewalk for Sentinels and they failed to qualify for the quarter-finals and were eliminated from the tournament in the group stage. The result was a big disappointment for both players and fans.

The result caused a massive heartbreak for the players as their dreams were shattered in minutes and Sentinels who were considered favorites to win the whole thing by many were knocked out in the group stage.

Sentinels star player disappointed and disheartened from their earlier exit and loss to KRÜ Esports tweeted that he is disappointed in himself and that he feels like he failed to show up when his team needed him the most.

But that is not true at all as sometimes the pressure gets to us and everyone has had a bad day and it was a bad day for both Sentinels and Tenz.

On the other hand, the one-tap god Adil “Scream” Benrlitom himself replied to Tenz’s tweet and honor him with praise and motivation and said Tenz is probably the best Valorant pro player Scream has ever faced and that Tenz has a long career ahead of him and he is sure that Tenz will come back stronger.