Say bye to lags and low res, with AnyDesk connecting to your computer just became faster and much secure. AnyDesk supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and more platforms.

AnyDesk consumes very low bandwidth (100 kb/sec or below) and delivers 60 fps. Having a very low latency and advanced technologies AnyDesk will give you a world class experience. It’s much secure and gives you full control to all configurations.

What's new in AnyDesk v4?

  1. Supports custom aliases.
  2. File browsing and transfers.
  3. Session recording.
  4. Automated updates.
  5. Custom client downloads.
  6. Terminal server support.
  7. Session locking.
  1. Session recording.
  2. New address book.
  3. User switching.
  4. Custom client downloads.
  1. Screen recording.
  2. Android to android remote connectivity.
  1. Screen recording.
  2. Unattended access.